Thomas Tantrum-About Us

Do you love listening music that is totally out of the box? If you do, then you are in the right place. Thomas Tantrum is a band like no other, bringing you music that will entertain you, every time that you listen to it. This modern band that plays the best heavy metal will have your heart pumping and your fist thumping within seconds.

Booking them for a gig will be an unforgettable experience for you, as they have an original set of songs that are a true cultural experience. On this site, you can watch their latest music videos and exciting interviews that will carry you through their journey into music and success. You can also take a look at their blog which contains first-person accounts of everything that they have experienced, including how they come up with excellent tunes and addictive lyrics.

Find out what is happening on their calendar by checking out the gigs page. This is one band that you will want to follow around, as each gig is original, choreographed and highly entertaining.

Discover their latest news and what they are up to on social media. If you want a shout out from the group, all you need to do is leave a message on any blog post, or on their social media accounts. But before you go through the rest of this website, make sure that you click on the signup button. You will get up to the minute news on Thomas Tantrum, and immediately gain access to their latest music downloads.