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Thomas Tantrum has put such an amazing spin on heavy metal, that some think they are creating their own music movement. And those who have this opinion are absolutely right! This four-member band features multi-talented members who can all sing and play instruments. Following professional training in the best music institutions in the country, these four members came tf5860f5e392673275cfce6fd05aa88c7a9c4c349ogether as rebels. They wanted to get away from their rigid training and try something that has never been done before.

That is why their music produces such an amazing sound. It has the finesse of professionally trained musicians, with the raw nature of highly creative individuals. Their first album features nine tracks, each with an individual sound and excellent accents. There is something interesting about this band, and that is the fact there is no lead singer. Depending on the song, any one of the four can take the lead, resulting in a balanced album.

If you are still on the edge on whether this is a band that will catch and keep your attention, there are a ton of underground music reviews that have been compiled on this site. These come from people who have actively attended a gig, and felt the heavy metal move through all their senses.

The New Album is coming soon

In the next few months, Thomas Tantrum is releasing their new album and it is perhaps the most anticipated album in heavy metal. Make sure that you are the first in line to get your hands on one for a number of thrilling musical surprises.

So if you are a serious fan of heavy metal, then you should stand up and take notice of Thomas Tantrum. Listening to them will make you realize that you have not listened to real and raw music before – of course, that is until now.