Jumping in the Thomas Tantrum Mosh Pit

If you have never heard about the mosh pit before, now is the time to educate yourself. This is perhaps the most coveted space to be in when you are at a heavy metal gig, especially when it’s Thomas Tantrum performing. However, the mosh pit is not for the faint hearted – this is where super fans find themselves at. If you are a real metalhead, then you need to make sure that whenmosh-pit1-610x406 you attend a gig, you go all the way to the front so that you can be right in the pit.

Not all pits are created equal. They depend on the type of concert that you attend. With Thomas Tantrum, you do not need to worry about being squished up in an overcrowded pit where you can barely move. This band has almost all of its gigs in mid-sized venues which make it so much easier to control the crowd of other super fans who are just like you.

Why the pit is called the mosh pit? If you want to go really crazy while you are in there, then proceed to right under the stage. This is where you can simply jump into the midst of the pit and throw yourself to the music like all the other great fans at a gig. This is where you crash yourself against the walls of the pit, headbang to your heart’s content and scream until you lose your voice. Sounds scary, but there is a true adrenaline rush that is hard to match anywhere else.

When you are ready to exit the mosh pit in style, all you need to do is get people on each side of you to lift you up and crowdsurf you out of the area. This will leave you feeling like a real star.