Getting to Your First Metal Gig

Are you looking to experience thrilling heavy metal, even if it is the first time ever? Then you need to come to the latest gig by the leading band Thomas Tantrum. Once you attend one of these amazing live sets, you are sure that you will never go back to any other type of music. These concerts are designed for real enthusiasts, so you do not need to worry about not being a part of the crowd: a curious mindset is all you need.

Most of the gigs are mid-sized, ensuring that the entire audience can get as close to the band as possible. This helps one experience the raw musical talent first hand. In settings that are massive like stadiums, there is so much detail that can be lost in a performance. With a smaller gig, you can get a standing ticket and rock on the entire night.

Make it Efans-pit-heavy-mtl-2013-29ven More Fun

When going for your first metal gig, make it even more fun by heading out with friends who are like-minded. You need other metalheads with you, so that you can headbang, jump into the mosh pit and crowdsurf. Thomas Tantrum gigs are unforgettable, with so much happening in a short period of time. Make sure that you can keep up!

How to Dress at a Metal Gig?

There is nothing that says ‘super fan’ like a branded shirt. Be aware that wearing a tee from the band you are seeing that night is a big no-no! So go for something else. If you want to keep it discreet though, you can wear a shirt that is plain black and you will still look stylish.

Be a Supportive Fan

Finally, make sure that you have lined your pockets well, for you are sure to want some merchandise during or after the show: this money goes directly to the band, so you may want to support them by buying directly pins, stickers or records with no go-betweens. It’s a way to show you appreciate what they do!