Do’s and Don’ts at a Thomas Tantrum Gig

To get the best out of your next Thomas Tantrum gig, you need to have a list of all the things that you should do for a thrilling experience. Here is one excellent list that will keep you in check.

Drugs and Alcohollars_mexico_2012

When you are at any heavy metal gig, you are likely to find one or two crazy people who will come up to you and offer you some hard drugs. Even if this has not happened, you will be able to tell that there are hard drugs available in a couple of hours if you find people getting rowdy and loud. Do not accept anything from strangers, especially if they ask you to ingest it. You do not want to anything that puts you out of control.

Pee Early

As you arrive at the gig, the first thing that you should do is take a bathroom break. After a few hours, you will find that the line is longer than anything you can imagine, and the restroom is in no state to be used anyway. Make sure that you start with an empty bladder so that you can last for most of the night. Otherwise, you may find that you have no choice than to go on yourself – and quite frankly, that is not a choice at all.

Phones and Gadgets

So you want to capture your experience on your mobile device? A heavy metal gig is not the right place to do that. Instead, it would be much better for you to commit your entire experience to memory. In addition to actually lowering the thrill of your experience, you also run the risk of having your phone damaged or stolen in the heat of the moment. Enjoy your Thomas Tantrum gig and make good decisions!