About the Thomas Tantrum Band

Looking for a heavy metal band? You will be spoilt for choice as there are so many in the market. Looking for a great heavy metal band? Now that is a little harder, but not impossiblthomas_tantrume. Thomas Tantrum is the perfect example of a great band, and once you hear the sound that they produce you are sure to agree immediately.

The band is made up of four members, a unique three guys and one girl. All of the members are highly skilled in music, playing instruments and having original training in singing and managing their vocals. Together, they can play around eleven instruments including the electric guitar, keyboard, drums, saxophone and more.

While most upcoming bands try to do covers, the Thomas Tantrum Band work hard to create and perform all their songs as originals. They have a totally unique sound, one which brings together the best of all their talents and experiences. There is no member that is above the others, and the collective input is what ensures that the music stands out from the rest.

The band has been together for more than five years, having spent the first three years playing in underground gigs. With the success of their first full album two years ago, they are now playing at mid-sized venues, enabling them to meet more fans. The added exposure has helped the band grow and attain success, and also, the great music has something to do with it.

Booking this band for a gig is pretty easy, as you can do so directly on this site. If you want to discuss your event in detail, then you can get in touch on email and begin a dialogue. This heavy metal band plays the loud stuff, though they are also able to play ballads that set an amazing mood.